Automatic Number Plate Recognition

Kelida Solution's Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) is now available to any small or large business with the need to monitor and control vehicle movements. Our number plate recognition systems have advanced significantly in recent years to provide a mass surveillance method.

ANPR uses Optical Character Recognition (OCR) from specialist CCTV cameras to read licence plates which in turn links to powerful software with a host of innovative features.

ANPR can be used to manage parking, detect unknown vehicles, provide a welcome message to one of your visitors or simply count the amount of vehicles that have entered an area.

Going one step further, patterns could also be analysed to highlight any unknown or unexpected vehicles that are regularly passing and potentially watching the premises.

Kelida Solutions can also integrate ANPR systems to access control which will allow or deny access to secure areas/car parks. ANPR cameras will read number plates which are then compared against a database of authorised personnel. If a positive match is made then a barrier or door can be automatically raised to allow access.

Most of Kelida's ANPR cameras use infra-red lighting to allow the system to read a number plate anytime of the day or night.

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