Enhanced security/Intelligent surveillance

Kelida Solution's video analytics make use of computer algorithms to filter incoming CCTV video feeds to alert an operator to events. This sophisticated method of surveillance can detect alarm conditions, such as an intruder moving into a restricted area. One of the major benefits of this technology is the potential for automating the sometimes laborious task of monitoring CCTV images. In-built DVR motion detection is the simplest form of this.

Kelida Solution's video analytics software can detect objects of a specific size - typically people - while ignoring irrelevant objects. It can track these objects reliably taking into account perspective and generate an alarm when specific conditions are met, these parameters can be adjusted by the system administrator.

Analytics software can take into account many different variables, such as size, speed, direction of travel and the distance the target has moved.

Analytics generally reduce the amount of false alarms creating a more reliable and effective system.

Video analytics applications tend to be external....but are extremely diverse and could be used for a whole range of security solutions.

Kelida Solution's design team can provide a professional and unbiased solution, customised to your specific requirements.

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