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Kelida Solutions provides integrated alarm systems that allow our clients to relax in the knowledge that their premises are being vigilantly protected against any threat.

All our systems are designed and installed to meet the requirements of EN50131 and PD6662 which will also encompass the correct system grading to meet all your insurer's requirements.

From the most basic system through to the large multi-zone systems, Kelida Solutions can provide a complete package using quality products with the most advanced technologies. These systems are very user-friendly.

Kelida Solutions are highly experienced in assessing the risks to your premises and will provide a full system design and installation service to meet all your requirements using the most reliable and advanced technologies. To back this, Kelida Solutions have a highly skilled team of engineers to provide 24hr a day 365 days a year technical support and service.

Our intruder alarm systems can also be integrated into a variety of existing security systems.

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