Perimeter Protection

Electronic first line defence systems

Kelida Solutions is a market leader in the design and installation of a wide range of perimeter protection systems.

With our extensive experience and knowledge within the security sector we can provide a cost effective, reliable, perimeter protection system tailored specifically for your needs.

Facility protection starts at the perimeter, detecting intruders before any potential problems occur. Our solutions use a combination of technologies to maximise detection performance and minimise false alarms. Most detection systems are designed for applications on manned or unmanned sites, whether as a stand-alone single zone system or as part of a multiple zone installation. These systems can instantly locate alarm activations down to within just one meter over virtually any distance.

Perimeter protection can be integrated with many different types of systems. The most common of these would be CCTV but it could also be integrated with alarm systems, lighting systems and audio warning systems to provide a control room with instant information on the security status of the site.

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