Why Kelida...

The founders of Kelida Solutions started the company on a mission to improve the service offered to clients and customers in the security solutions industry. Their immediate goal was not to be the 'average' provider, so the guys commissioned some research to fully understand what clients and customers wanted and how this compared to what they were actually getting. The research made interesting reading and provided the inspiration to start the company.

With all of this in mind we can provide users with the peace of mind that their property and business is fully protected.

What people wanted (and can now confidently expect from Kelida) was:

  • knowledgeable people who listen and then provide a truly tailored and reliable solution that works
  • advice based on industry leading know how that fixes problems and offers solutions instead of just selling/installing kit
  • a responsive, care based relationship with people who are approachable, fair and nice to do business with
  • a complete package approach aimed at helping their life or business or both with a guarantee that is lived up to and not just promised
  • industry leading and innovative solutions that also have to provide value for money

Our latest news

Kelida Solutions Ltd. supplied and fitted an alarm system for a family featured in the BBC One series 'Crime Scene Rescue' which was used to transform their home following a 'break in'.

Click here to view the episode
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